Education and Tutoring

I have more than ten years’ experience teaching English Literature, Philosophy and Religious Studies from secondary school to post graduate levels.

I work from genuine and continuing concern for the students’ needs, interests, aspirations and inspirations rather than a dry ‘results-centred’ method. Education is about the pursuit of truth, self-knowledge and inspiration first – academic results, though necessary, come second to that.

From many years’ experience, I have learnt that learning takes place through passion, enthusiasm, sharing and discussion, rather than learning by memory or being simply being results focused.

I believe it is perfectly possible to achieve academic excellence while learning subjects in a manner that encourages self-understanding, creativity, passion, interest and inspiration.

If you are interested in my work as a private tutor, please email me, using the form below. CV and excellent references and testimonials are available upon request.

‘An outstanding and truly gifted teacher’